Mission Statement

Our Mission

13The  mission of Sharm el Sheikh   College is to provide opportunities  for a better future through quality education, meeting the needs of the  community. Children come to an understanding that they live in a special unique  place, and that they need to have tolerance for all.
This mission will  be pursued in partnership with parents through an enriched Egyptian National  Curriculum and the International Studies Program.

Our Core Values

We believe that:

  • Diversity with  respect is strength.
  • All people have  equal intrinsic value.
  • People are  responsible for their choices, actions and the consequences that result.
  • Transforming  dreams into reality requires courage, initiative and commitment.
  • People flourish  in loving, caring relationships.
  • Learning  empowers.

SSC is dedicated to  providing an instructional programme that is characterized by being dynamic,  challenging, stimulating, and relevant to the lives of our students. Our programme  includes:

  • Academics – A  commitment to scholarship, and the application of knowledge.
  • Activities – A  commitment to provide a wide range of activities that enrich and strengthen the  students’ total school experience.
  • Arts – A  commitment to provide instruction that promotes an ppreciation for all art  forms from various perspectives including historical, traditional and cultural  diversity.
  • Athletics – A  commitment to promote physical, social, and emotional development through  teamwork, fair play fitness and self-discipline.

The purpose of SSC is  as follows:

  • To provide an educational setting through grade 12 that is compliant with the best practices for Egyptian and international children residing in Sharm el Sheikh.
  • To utilize internationally accepted principles and teaching methods in the provision of a liberal education for its students.
  • To promote international relations and cross-cultural understanding. Students shall be given the opportunity to learn about Egypt and the surrounding geographic cultural area and to examine their own values and customs in relation to different societies.
  • To foster the physical, emotional,intellectual, and social development of its students. The curriculum,teaching methods, and school activities shall be based on the needs and readiness of the individual child in so far as possible, in accordance with international standards.